Kroozie Bike Light - Super Bright LED USB Rechargeable Front & Rear Light Set

Kroozie Bike Light - Super Bright LED USB Rechargeable Front & Rear Light Set


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Looking for a reliable and powerful bike light set to keep you visible and safe on the road? Look no further than the Kroozie Bike Light Set!

This set includes both a front headlight and rear tail light, both featuring bright and energy-efficient LED bulbs. They are also rechargeable via USB, so you can easily power them up between rides.

The front headlight features four lighting modes: high, medium, low, and flashing. The rear tail light also has four modes: steady, flashing, slow flashing, and rapid flashing. You can easily switch between modes with just a press of a button.

Both lights are designed to be waterproof and durable, so you can use them in any weather conditions. The front headlight can be easily mounted onto your handlebars, while the rear tail light can be mounted onto your seatpost, helmet, or backpack.

In addition to being perfect for cycling, this light set is also great for use with other outdoor activities like skateboarding, scootering, and even night hiking. It's a must-have accessory for any bike or outdoor enthusiast!

Don't settle for subpar bike lights that don't keep you visible and safe on the road. Upgrade to the Kroozie Bike Light Set today and enjoy brighter, more reliable, and longer-lasting illumination on all of your rides.

  • Illuminate your ride with our Kroozie Bike Light's advanced design featuring rechargeable LED lights for added safety and visibility.
  • Get four different light mode options with Kroozie Bike Light - perfect for any cycling condition.  The Headlight and Taillight feature an one-touch switch with four different light modes depending on your preference. Modes include full brightness, half brightness, fast flashing and slow flashing.I do
  • Install the Kroozie bike light set in seconds with no tools needed.  The silicone mount straps are designed to fit around many size seat posts, handlebars, seat risers, backpacks, helmets and stretch to keep lights secure and firm. They can be easily loosen and fasten, and no tools are required. 
  • Stay safe & visible with Kroozie Bike Light - a multifunctional accessory featuring rechargeable LED lights for front & rear, easy to install on any bicycle or helmet.  Can also be used for cycling, hiking, camping, mobility devices or any outdoor activity.  This is great for cycling at night or in places where visibility and safety are concern.