About Us

How the Kroozie Came to Be

Hi. We’re Tommy & Ryan and we’re the creators of the Kroozie cup holder. Today, we are normal guys living pretty normal lives. But back in 2007, a crazy bike purchase spurred a crazy idea. Here’s the story of how the Kroozie came to be…

We met at an infamous bar in Jacksonville Beach during our party-filled, pre-marriage, pre-kid days. Now, here’s something you need to know about Jax Beach in case you’ve never been – beach cruising is like a competitive sport. Every weekend when the weather is nice, the beach community (and visitors) throw on their suits, grab their shades, and head out on their bikes to cruise around. 

One day, Ryan decided to up his beach cruiser game and bought this insane stainless-steel bike. Back in those days, the only bike cup holders available were cheap plastic. One look at Ryan’s badass bike and we knew it demanded something better. We scoured the internet to find a cup holder worthy of the beautiful bike… but found only disappointing plastic cup holders with every click.

Rather than give up and settle for an undeserving cup holder on the beach cruiser of all beach cruisers, we decided to make our own.

And just like that, the Kroozie original stainless-steel cup holder was born.

Okay, okay, so it wasn’t exactly that easy but we kept Kroozin along our sometimes-bumpy road into cup holder history…

Today, Kroozie cup holders are enjoyed by kroozers of all kinds. Whether you’re on a bike, on a boat, in a wheelchair, or pushing a stroller, our kroozie cup holders can safely and securely carry your drink. 

We owe so much of our success to our loyal customers. From providing feedback to giving ideas for new products and colors, their support is what keeps us going. So, to everyone out there sipping on a beverage riding in a Kroozie cup holder – thank you! Let’s keep on Kroozin!