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Kroozie 2.0 - Classic Stainless SteelKroozie 2.0 - Gloss BlackKroozie 2.0 - Hot PinkKroozie 2.0 - Baby BlueKroozie 2.0 - Purple

The Original improved

Kroozie 2.0

Our original 1.0 cup design + a completely re-engineered patented base offering maximum grip and improved wider fit range.

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Krooze with Confidence

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Kroozie XL 2.0 - Stainless SteelKroozie XL 2.0 - Flat BlackKroozie XL 2.0 - Gloss BlackKroozie XL 2.0 - White

Sometimes Bigger is Better

Kroozie XL

The Kroozie's big brother takes up a bit more realestate but in turn can satisfy even the thirstiest of riders. This bad boy can hold a 30oz tumbler or a monster fountain drink.

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Kroozie Deluxe - Classic Stainless SteelKroozie Deluxe - Flat BlackKroozie Deluxe - Gloss BlackKroozie Deluxe - SeafoamKroozie Deluxe - White

It's The Bee's Knees

Kroozie Deluxe

This one does it all. We took the XL cup and paired it with our patented Universal Mount so you can mount it to any vertical or horizontal bar. Think bikes, boats, wheelchairs, scooters, you name it, if it has a bar the Kroozie Deluxe fits.

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Kroozie Stealth - Flat BlackKroozie Stealth - WhiteKroozie Stealth - Gloss BlackKroozie Stealth - Stainless SteelKroozie Stealth - Seafoam

Brand new

Kroozie Stealth

The all new Limited Edition Kroozie Stealth features our XL cup design but mounts from the side of the cup instead of the bottom.

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If You Ride It, We Can Cup It

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Don't take our word for it


Great product,speedy delivery!

E. J. Kenny

XL - Stainless Steel


Perfect! Bought this for my new kick scooter and it fits securely! I am going to order 2 more for my family.

Jennie Keller

Deluxe - Sea Foam


Great quality, love my Kroozie!

Beth Luise

Deluxe - Black


Product worked great. Lots of size options to fit everything. Fit a Fosters can. Mounting everything was easy.

Jeffery Reynolds

Kroozie Deluxe - Flat Black


Works good put it on my wife’s knee scooter after her foot surgery. She loves it

Mike Digrassio

Kroozie 2.0 - Baby Blue


Best cupholder on the market!

Eric Henderson

Kroozie 2.0 - Red


Use it to hold my drink or phone EVERYDAY! Great product.

Kaila Mason

Kroozie 2.0 - White

We’d Rather Be Kroozin
Kroozer Cups USA was founded with a simple mission: to make the best cup holder on the market. We got tired of flimsy, plastic cup holders that couldn’t keep up with our active lifestyle. So, we created the Kroozie Cupholder – a stainless steel beauty that comes in a multitude of colors and sizes.

Innovation and customer experience are at the heart of everything we do. Every single improvement, new color, and new product is the result of customer feedback.

Join the Kroozie family and never Krooze thirsty again.